Lakeview Terrace Resort


One Maple Winery - Lewiston, Ca.

would like to invite you to our

Wine Tasting Event

Saturday, April 25th 5:00 P.M.

Featuring these fine wines

Cabernet Sauvignon –

The richest red, full of black cherry fruitiness, along with a spicy hint of green peppercorn

Merlot –

Experience a deep aroma of chocolate and coffee, topped with robust blackberry and currant.

Chardonnay –

A pleasurable, ripe tropical fruit wine, with a slightly citrusy finish

Summer Blanc Chardonnay -

Slightly sweet Chardonnay, with a soft, refreshing pear finish

All these fabulous wines will be available for tasting

and bottles available to purchase

Live Music and hors d’oeuvres

Make your reservations NOW call us 530-778-3803

This event is limited to registered guest only