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    Ubehebe Crater Trail, Death Valley

    Ubehebe Crater is located near the north end of Death Valley and about 55 miles from our campsite in Furnace Creek.

    There is a 2ish mile loop trail that we took counter-clockwise around the crater's rim. While I've seen this trail rated as easy on some hiking sites, I'd consider it to be moderate. There's a very steep section at the start of the trail, right when leaving the south end of the parking lot. The trail passed Little Hebe, a smaller crater to the south of Ubehebe.

    The loop was well worth taking, with varied looks of the crater all the way around.

    After the loop, we took a very steep gravel trail 500 feet down to the bottom of the crater.

    The deep gravel made it an easy hike down to the bottom of the crater. There is a more gradual path at the NW side of the canyon that offers an easier hike out--which we gladly took.

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